CCI Social Media Courses

Social Media Course Options

Departments across Florida State University offer social media coursework and courses related to the use and impact of social media. The courses below are a sample of regularly-scheduled courses. Students can search for upcoming course offerings here. Students interested in iSchool social media offerings can also review the current course rotations for undergraduate courses and graduate-level courses.

LIS4380 Social Media Management: This course explores the tools, information management, and communication functions of social media through hands-on work with designing and managing social media sites. Students participating in this class will actively design, implement, and coordinate numerous projects that build a foundation in social media management while allowing students to gain valuable leadership, communication, and organizational skills. They will also explore the different issues and concerns may influence the widespread adoption and implementation of social media at the individual and national levels.

COM4561: Social Media Campaigns: This course prepares students to design and implement a social media campaign, and introduces them to the social, political, and ethical contexts of using new technologies. The class takes either a social advocacy or a marketing perspective.

LIS5385 Social Computing and Collaboration: This course explores the tools, techniques, and challenges of implementing and managing social and collaboration technologies within and beyond the workplace. Students participating in this class will engage with the sociotechnical and historical context for the information communication technologies (ICTs) used by organizations to facilitate communication and collaboration within the workplace, to extend their mission beyond the workplace, and to engage with external audiences using social media. Students will actively design solutions to social computing challenges that build on a foundation in ICT skills and knowledge, while allowing students to gain valuable leadership, communication, and organizational skills. They will also explore issues and concerns that may influence the individual and organizational adoption of social computing and collaboration tools.

LIS4930 Social Networks: The role of social networks in our personal and professional lives has never been more evident. However, both the social practice of doing networking and the science that underpins Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Web itself pre-dates these platforms that have become household names. This course introduces students to the history and concepts of social networks, the networked society, and to social network analytics – the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in relational data. Students in this course will develop knowledge and skills with the tools necessary to apply network analytics to fields such as Information Technology, Business, Communications, Sports Performance, Sociology, and Education.